Thursday, February 03, 2011

Worst thing ever...How does it feel, guyz?

Hye and wish u a pleasing day, readers..!

Remark: Actually, this entry should be released on about 3 days ago. But, I don't have the sufficient gut to press the "publish post" button. Till this night, I think I'm feel ready enough to do so.

Didn't it feel so bad when when you and yours partner, respectively, declared a break-up? Of coz it does, guyz! But, what else that we can made? For sure, we cannot simply rotate back the ticking time that had passed sturdily. Okay, there might be a 'hikmah' behind all of these right?

It seems that I don't have to elaborate even more upon this matter. These printscreen above might revealing the whole thing perhaps? My relationship with her would only lasted roughly for about 6 months. The main cause that generate into this? Sincerely, I do not have any vivid clue. The worst thing that I must confront, now just simply emerge. Yes, for sure, I do not have any. Maybe both of us will find a better person in a near future. I do hope so. So right now, even after our break-up was declared, we were still doing well. As for now, I must breathe in the positive way in order to calm me down.

And also to my beloved friends. You all still manage to keep texting and sending messages via FB regarding the matter. I do felt appreciated and beloved. Thanx for make my day, friends. Keen to take a good care of me even amid of this kind of hardness.

Maybe this song would tranquil me the best. I do hope so.

That's all for this entry.. ASD, hope u will stay just fine..

In a stage of calming down himself...
What to expect, huh?



clash mmg sakit. but sokay la amal. perjalanan maseh jauh org kata heheh. cool ya :)

Amal Azraai Azuha said...

ok, i'll kak malynn