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A trip to Toronto

As-salam and wish a nice day readers!

Eager to experience the frickin cool Canadian climate? Keen to enjoy Toronto skyline atop the CN Tower? Or longing for sleeping in the conifer forest under starry sky? Whoaa what a trip!

vroom vroom ready to Canada!

Ehh tunggu kejap. Cehh bila ngko look trough wallet tu kejap, eh ehh airport tax pon tak mampu nak bayo ke? Hahh ekceli saje nak kasi saspens. Kali ni bukanlah nak pergi Toronto pun tapi nak pergi- Teronoh. Even dua tempat nama nak dekat sama (TO-RON-TO = TE-RO-NOH) tapi hakikatnya bagai bumi ngan angkasa gitu beza dia. So ape yang ade kat Tronoh ni?

opcoz laa Universiti Teknologi Petronas! (UTP)

Yeah actually went there for attending the EDUCAMP UTP 2012! So for those who are qualified from the pre-selection (isi-isi borang maa), they need to attend this one-day camp. So Alhamdulillah I'm lucky enough to be selected among thousands of applicants yang nak masok UTP nih.

So I got the date of 12/12/12 for this EDUCAMP, oh well the same date as Kedah, Negeri Sembilan and KL candidates. Yeah pretty excited coz the majority of fellow fivers in KUPSIS who also got the offers are from Kedah! So it will not make me feel so awkward lah kat sana nanti. Haa habes laa nanti geng kubang pasu pegi angkut geng kat situ

a typical CH  streetview

In the morning of Dec 11th, we took off and headed to Ipoh through Gua Musang and Cameron Highlands. Indeed the condition of the roadway along these roads are much better than the Timur-Barat highway so no wonder lah my papa prefer this road more. We even managed to have our lunch at Cameron. Huhh pergi CH semata nak lunch eh? 

Roughly after 6 hours stucked in the back seat,  Alhamdulillah we reached Perak safely at around 3 o'clock. Then we stayed at the Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort near Batu Gajah. Ok this resort is frickin cool man! Surrounded by lush tropical forest, green golf course and tranquil lake, it actually make you wehh takmo balekk! 

u see what i mean?

Even the chalet we stayed at were nestling on the lake. The resort also offers a wide range of outdoor activities like tennis, boating and archering *favs! But beware coz kat sini haa biawak banyak betol. Jalan je kat mana, mesti biawak tu ada jugak.

awesome chalet
spotted one!

aku bawak buggy ni gerenti tejunam dalam kolam

So we were actually planning to try those outdoor activities. But suddenly it raaaaaainss heavily! Ohgosh lupakan jelah boating golfing archering tu bagai. Ehh but they got Wifi in the room! Pheww thank God or else I'll bored to death lah

heyy rain pliz be nice to meee
raindrops on the lilypad

So rather than goyang-goyang kaki, is better for me to make the preparation for the interview tomorrow. Yeah doing the typical stuff.. arranging the certificates, reading about petronas, study the all sorts of engineering courses sambil tu jugak snap snap pics pegi upload lam Instagram and bla bla bla..

habes berteraboor

haa bacalah segala mak nenek ni hah

ngan sofa skali  habes aku conquer

workplace budak nak interbiu

Then we decided to drop a visit to UTP. The distance between UTP and the resort tu pun takdelah jauh sangat pon, dalam 20 km camtu jaa. Masuk je dalam pagar UTP tuu, terus melilau mata tengok sana sini. Mana taknya, punyalah design U ni awesome gilaak! Ok lets start with...

Kompleks Canselor!

design cam airport Beijing laa pulak

the frickin MASSIVE library..

whoa seriously u mean 5 stories of BOOOOOOOOOOKS man!

fuhh the floating mosque.. awesome!

the roadways within UTP

spot someone on the right corner? yeah thats my over-excited papa!

Yeah after spending around 30 mins for the UTP's quick tour, we then headed back to the resort. My first impression for UTP was - WOWWW! So pastu pacik ni tetiba terover-excited for the EDUCAMP esok hari lah pulakk

So stay tuned for the full report of the EDUCAMP UTP 2012 in the next entry!

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