Saturday, December 22, 2012

Of the... Green named envelope

As-salam and bid an awesome day readers..!

Without nothing to do throughout this breezy day.. Yeah simply waiting for the call from KFC for the part time job yang entah bila nak tiba, tunggu  for the driving license test yang aihh lamaa lagi tuu, the kept common-repeating-Astro-tv-shows that make me simply hoooooi bapak aku bayaq astro bebulan bukan nak tengok siaran ulangan jaaa!

Then tetiba tergerak nak kemas bilik laah. Wah mak aku dengo ni mesti dia happy punyalah. First got to start at the study table corner, then just decluttered and tossed everything that won't supposed to be there, until I stumbled upon a gift box. This box was given as a gift as the award for PMR's best student dulu kot.  Then I took a glance into it and ehh! ade sampul surat dalam tuu, siap ade nama aku lagik. Then tetiba teringat ouh kenangan time kursus kepimpinan pengawas dedulu ghupanya..

kotak pun kotak jugak,
pasal ngko nak kemas bilik tu apa cheritaa plak?

Yeah terus teringat pasal the named-envelope-wish activity *nama tak urban langsung ngko bagi*.  So at the kursus, all of the prefects  will have their own envelope, with their own name on it, and the facis will paste the envelope onto the wall throughout the kursus. So kalau kita terhingin nak wish kat prefects lain tu, tulis jelaa wish tu and letak lam envelope tu leklok. Tak kira laa hate/love letters ke, resit hutang piutang ke dan apekejadahlagi ngko nak wish kat orang tuu, just tulisss sesuka hati okey

So at the end of the kursus, kita leh ambik laa balek envelope memasing tuu. Haa pastu mulalah galak nak baca. Kalau wish tuu ade orang puji kita melambung-lambung, pastu start ah buat baca kuat-kuat nak bagi seantero benua leh dengo. Kalau wish tu kutuk kita jaa, eh kemain lagi nak sorok-sorok dalam baju pulak ehh. So here's some of the wish cards that I got from the other prefects:

She's very active and I simply adore her spirit.

Heyy ikhlas keni macik? Seriously, kaulahh PKR terbaik!!!

Cehh ade makna tersirat keni haa...?
from : the sweet-innocent-bubbly,

He's so understanding and
highly supportive person!
 from : the truly mr. genius of KUPSIS,

Bila plak aku masuk Melodi nihh?
from: ZATY AMIRAH *again?

I truly adore his sincerity and endless hardwork
from : NAZRIN

Who's ever thought that the person that I used to hate the most eventually
 becoming  my best buddy?? But u are still frickin annoying person man..!

They call this girl a FREAK but we will always love her
quirkiness all the time!

The strongest girl from my point-of-view.. She's totally just
bash out of the critics  thrown to her and  at the same time,
still rocks her way out!

The almost-perfect-man.. I wish I can be like him..

My closest buddy..He's smart, athletic, handsome *kot, and can lead well!

Those were just some of the wishes that I received from them. Whenever I came across in thinking of the majlis pimpinan pelajar , it was simply a precious memory. We had gone through our hardest time throughout the year together, facing the challenges and hardships with our toughest heart, facing all of the rough critics with our boldest spirit, but yet we still stand and united as a team that we can be proud of. 

Besides, we have the most awesome boss ever - Amirul Asyraf and Dania Sahira. Not to mention the diligent pair of secretary that put their souls in doing their tasks. As for me, the chance of becoming a part of this committee had really taught me on the real value of hard work, teamwork and also braveness - the truly us. 

whenever i'm feeling down,
i'll always read your wishes again and again

To all the members of Majlis Pimpinan Pelajar SMSKP 2011/2012, thank you for aiding me in generate a better version of myself... And also those precious memory that came along throughout our way. Once again, thank you!

will be placed forever onto this wall of frame.. and also my memory 

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