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UTP's Educamp 2012

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So as been said from the previous entry, I'll make an update for the frickin awesome Petronas Educamp 2012! So for the future-educamp-participants, take note laa ehh.. 

I woke up at around 5 am. Yeah quite early laa nak bangun pagi tu coz the night before dah set dah dalam kepala 'Man.. I need to studyy studyy studyyyy more on the engineering courses, nak baca tulaa nilaa' and all of those bla bla thing. Took about 30 mins of hot shower on the wee hours, ohgosh felt so refreshing! dan paling penting takde orang nak jerit hoooi lama lagi kaa nak berendam pacik tu hooi?

Right after putting on the typical interview attire (blazer + shirt + slack + tie), we went straight to the resort's cafe for having the breakfast. Punyalah makan kalut terkocoh-kocoh sampai nak tersembo kuetiau dalam mulut. Minum latte pun cam tasteless, yelah cuak wehh pepagi hari tuu..

final touch up pun guna facetime kaa

Then papa drove us straight to UTP. Time nilaa nak buat last minute punya preparation - polish kasut, letak benda potostat lam envelope, kasi pacak rambut dan sewaktu dengannya. Papa plak drive bapak laju semata nak secure tempat awal-awal.

110 ++ km/h on federal road? AES tadak kot

On the way tu, punyalah kereta bersusun ke UTP. Jenguk jenguk kot tingkap, eh boleh main ciku cak cak pulak ngan aku? Tengok gaya pun diorang ni geng participants Educamp gaklaa. Mane tahu tetiba ter-group skali kan? Masuk je dalam gate UTP tu, kereta bukan main banyak beratur along the way to Canselor Hall tu. Tengok jam aikk baru pukul 7 tapi manusia ayoyo ramai dahh. Punyalah semangat diorang nih.

pepagi hari dah bejalan setengah batu

Pas parking tu, terus jalan ke Dewan Canselor. Masuk jer lamtu, terus ade registration counter dan buat Q kat situ. Proses daftar pun kejap je, just tunjuk IC pastu bagi dokumen yang kena photostat tu semua. Then proceed to the 5th staircase in order to get the tag. Haa pastu tulis laa nama ngko beso beso. And then out of nowhere... "We are never ever ever... Getting back together..!" Bapak kuat! Ok ade orang call aku ngan ringtone volume maximum, tak buat silent plak tuh. Tetiba plak aku TERcapap. Erkk..

A57! Belong to this pacikk laa

Sebab tetiba jadi perhatian ramai doploh saat yang lalu, apalagi terkocoh-kocoh laa aku panjat tangga tu. Punyalah lagu jalan sampai tak sedo ehh sampai dah kat atas. Tengok tengok ehh mana orang laenn? Cehh datang awal-awal leh buat tanya mana orang laen. Then terus pick a seat, that was right in the middle section. Then one by one geng KUPSIS tetiba datang. Dan tak semena-mena dua row tu fully occupied by the kubangpasu students alone! Ehh tetiba reunion tak terancang pulak

u see how awesome this hall is..?

Soon the Educamp opening ceremony got started. While the 'orang besar' UTP was giving their welcoming speech, hah kami syok terlena kat atas. Bukan speech diorang tu boring ke hape, tapi ngan kerusi empuk plus angin aircond sejuk, mana kami tak terlena? 

Tapi time UTP's lectures explain pasal courses engineering yang UTP offers, semua terus fokus pasang telinga. Yeah the talks exposed you to many things that you don't even know about engineering in the first place. Ok example when the electrical engineering lecturer explain about the course, everyone seemed like..' alah kalau electrical engineering mesti TNB lahtuu'. But heyy rupanya electrical engineer pun at last end up leh jadi pilot jugak? You see the point?

got spotted by entahlaa macik mamarazzi mana lakni

everyone were standing to sing UTP's song..
Which about 99% in the hall like 'eh camana lagu diaaa?'

Right after the looooooong talks, then the participants were ordered to hop on the bus that would take us to the interview blocks. So here's the arrangement: For those who were placed in the A & B groups, the interview session would be held in the morning and for those in group C,D & E, their respective turn turned out to be in the evening. Huhoo fikir balek nasib baik datang awal, leh balek pun awal. Hooi interview pun tak start lagi tetiba pikiaq nak balik dah kaa?

As we reached the interview block, we were separated according to our respective groups. Ok aku ngan Viki, *student KUPSIS gakk* dah berpakat awal-awal lagi dah nak group skali, sebab kami dua jaa antara reramai geng KUPSIS yang dalam group A. Ok masuk je lam satu bilik ni, terus kena duduk ikut group, consists of 5 members, must be mixed races and gender. So I chose the panel 16, along with Viki, and two others chinese girl (Chiung & Shia) and also a Siamese girl (Bay). Tapi tetiba kami lima cam errr..heloo what's your name, where are u from and those bla bla bla a-new-friends-talks-stuff.

we're gonna rocks this panel!

On the table, we were given a topic. Tu kira cam case study laa. And it all about CRIME WAVE - TEENAGE. Fuhh at least the topic given ok nasib baik tak susah, banyak benda yang boleh pacik ni nak potpetpotpet jap lagi. After that, we were given only 10 minutes to do the brainstorming about the topic given, mainly about giving our own opinion about the issue stated, explain about the recommendation given and bring out (if any) your own recommendation that can be taken in order to solve the issue. 

Tudia tangan aku tak berenti tulis isi. Cam nak debate laa plak tulis penuh 3 pages. Tengok balek weyy aku sendirik tak paham plak tulisan aku yang maha kalut tuu. Tengah syok tulis tu tetiba teeeet! jeng jeng jeng masa ngko habes dahh. Huwarggh awat kejap sangat? Then we proceed to the waiting room. Time nilah gelabah tak hengat, dahla turn aku first! Cuakk ooh. Then, duduk jaa tak sampai seminit, tetiba "panel 16, number one please..!'. Ok that's my frickin turn mannn..

Jalan masuk lam bilik yang tertera PANEL 16 tu, intai dulu nak masuk. Pastu interviewers tu bagi sign angguk dan aku berjalan masuk ngan berusaha buat muka cover tak cuak tapi dalam hati ohgoshhhh! Then interviewers tu bagi aku duduk dan sesi interview tu bermulalah ngan rasmi.. 



for sure bukan aku lahtu coz style rambut latest aku ni
cam Zayn Malik ok *pomm pelempang doploh  das

INTERVIEWERS: So u must be Amal Azraai right?

ME : Yes that's definitely me *buat sengih kambing

INTERVIEWERS: So tell me about yourself, Amal

ME : I am so delighted to share some of my personal information *cehh intro. My name is Amal Azraai bin Che Azuha, I'm 17 years old.. and bla bla bla. Habes aku cerita sakan sampai pasal blog ni pun aku ceritaaaa! *macamlaa depa tu nak dengo

INTERVIEWERS: So what do you think about this issue?

ME : First and the foremost, what can I observe is the rate of teenagers nowadays who are involved in crime is escalated by years. As we step further into this globalization era, this issue has becoming a major turndown especially to our own country of Malaysia. The prime question is, why the teenagers themselves... *dan bobelan aku yang berjelaaaaaaaaa


Then sedar-sedar 'I'm sorry Amal but our time is already over'. Aku plak cam heyy banyak benda lagi aku nak cakap nihh. Tak sedar pun tengok jam hooi dekat doploh minit tujohblas saat aku duk potpet sensorang lam bilik tuu. Alhamdulillah aku speaking pun takdelah tersekat-sekat even aku gelabah wey, tapi pause kejap kejap tu ade lah jugak. Habis dahh individual interview, pasni lak for group interview! *muahahah excited

tunggu laa turn ehh

Tapi before group interview tu, kena ensure all of the panel members tu dah complete diorang punya individual interview. Tunggu punya tunggu *lama wehh*  finally.. PANEL 16!! Hahh kurang sikit cuaknye sebab sekali masuk 5 orang terus. For group interview ni, kita kena voice out kita punya recommendation and kena ambik satu jer recommendation atas persetujuan ramai. So apalagi aku start lah dulu ngan stand aku tu..

"I do believe that education is very significant in order to instill a good moral value since at the early stage of life" - ME

"But you're talking about teenagers who do not involve in the crime yet.. What about the teenagers who are already involve in it?" - SHIA

" I'm sorry.. But I think that by giving a special course to the parents, they can educate their children as well' - VIKI

"But what if the parents themselves do not take a good care of their own sons?" - ME

"Heyy.. it's their own sons! Isn't that what we call responsibility in the first place??" -VIKI

the spooky interviewers stare

Haa camtu lah lebih kurang dialog lima sekawan tu time group interview. Last-last kami semua pilih Viki punya recommendation. Pastu time interviewers suruh buat conclusion, semua 4 pasang mata terus tenung aku! And I'm like.. Whattt? Oihh dapat xtra marks ni, so apalagi aku cakap laa...

"So as a conclusion, what can I conclude about this issue is, all of the members of the society, including the government, parents and also teachers, should play their own role and must endeavour their best in order to cope with this problem effectively. Besides, we as a responsible citizen, should reflect the best value of Malaysian in order to bring this country's image to a greater heights especially in the perspective of the outside world" 


Habis je group interview tuu, so semua dah habissss! Semua cam bersorak hepi ouh our interview finally DONE! Lepas habis tu, semua bid goodbye dan terus blah nak balik. Habis pun awal jugak, dalam pukul 1.30. Pastu terus pegi melahap lunch free kat khemah ngan Farhan Azhar. Kadang tu pikio balik, tudia bangun awal pagi pegi hafal pasal minyak tu laa, kompeni ni laa, research tulaa tetiba jeng jeng jeng tak tanya sebijik ponn!

Pas solat Zohor tu, dah gerak dalam kereta teruss. Emm.. tengok cam KL dekat jee. So apalagi! KL jommmm! Hakhak buat lawatan last minute sehari kat KL pulak. 

ehh Kellie's Castle? Dengo cakap berantuuuu

Ok for those who will be selected in the next year Educamp, here's some tips and guidance for you:

  • First and the foremost, datang awal!!! Kalau boleh pukul 7 tu dah terpacak kat muka pintu. Sebab? Haa kalau daftar pun awal, kita akan ditempatkan kat group A atau B. So dua group ni session interviewnya waktu pagi, dan lepas habis jaa session kita tu, leh balek terus dahh. Group C,D & E plak? Haa kena tunggu sampai ke petang laa jawabnya
  • Dress appropriately. Kalau laki, pakai baju kemeja yang plain, takde corak dan cerah. Tie ngan slack, belt tu wajib. Blazer kalau nak pakai pun boleh gak, nampak hensem lagik. And for the ladies, baju kurung tu jangan laa pulak sampai 5 warna, kasut bertutup dan tudung yang simple yet effective. Ingat kita datang nak interview bukan nak jalan catwalk pergi casting Tyra Banks punya top model show
  • Mingle with others. Memang kat situ kita akan jumpa ramai kengkawan baru. So jangan nak berat mulut laa nak bertegur sapa. Nanti tak pepasal kena cop sombong ke hape. Sedikit sebanyak level nervous kita tu dapat laa surut sikit.
  • Be prepared. Kita wajib ambik tahu pasal course yang kita ambik. Contoh cam kalau minat chemical engineering, ambik tahu laa sedikit sebanyak pasal course tu. Kalau korang cakap yang korang nak jadi chemical engineer, takkan laa tetiba interviewers tu suruh cerita pasal aerospace engineering pulak kan?
  • Practise speaking. Yang ni pun penting gak coz mana-mana interview skang ni pun 100% kena speaking. Camne nak improve kita punya speaking? Korang just kena cakap cakap cakap tiap masa. Even duk sengsorang tu pun, practise. Takpun korang leh baca novel, mag, papers ngan watch movie english. Jumpa jaa word yang tak tahu tu, terus look up dictionary.
  • Be sensible. Especially time group interview. Even opinion orang yang tengah cakap tu korang fikir cam 'heyy ridiculous betol laa mamat nie', jangan terus terjah dia cam Nas Ahmad plak. Tau laa yang korang tu ade point yang lebih rational, biar dulu orang tu habes cakap, haa pastu baru kita cakap laa view kita tu. 

So that's all for the tips. Hope these might help you a little bit in attending the next Educamp.. So that's all for my UTP Educamp experience!

agak-agak layak tak aku nak masok?

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