Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A major comeback (?)

As-salam and good day, peeps

What a long period since my last blog post. The hecticness of being the Japan-bound engineering student really taking a direct toll to my blog. Well as you can see, a major revamp has been made towards this blog, which include :

1) I reverted all of previous blog posts to draft. So no chance of re-read it again. Sorry fellas.

2) The blog's URL. Changed from azsfearless95.blogspot to azraaiazuha.blogspot. Yes the simpler the better right.

3) The overall blog layout. No more striking color, no more unecessary page elements. It's all been discarded away. *Please notice my latest profile pic ahaa*

4) The blog title. Changed to ELOQUENT EPIPHANY. So what's that really stands for? Gosh refer to your (online) dictionary please.

So from now onwards, it's a total comeback from me. From now on, I'll try my best to keep all of you updated from all sorts of things that circling around me (if time and diligent level persist). Till then, thank you for being loyal to this not-so-updated-blog for this long!

Yeah a single selfie won't bite